Snowy Adventure – Zimowa opowieść (YT)

Cześć! W tym wpisie znajdziecie tekst „Snowy Adventure” – prostej, zimowej bajki, którą udostępniłyśmy na naszym YouTube’wym kanale.

Jeśli czujesz, że brakuje Ci „zimowego” słownictwa, koniecznie sprawdź nasz e-book „Zimowe Szaleństwa”. Rozkładamy tam na czynniki pierwsze, takie tematy, jak: Zimowa pogoda, Ubieranie zimą, jazda na sankach, lepienie śnieżek, lepienie bałwana i wiele innych! Proponujemy też dwie zabawy, które zrobią wrażenie nie tylko na dzieciach, ale również na Tobie! 🙂

In a small snowy village, Anne and her kids, Lily and Max, are excited and looking forward to a day full of winter fun.

„Today we’re going to go sledging and then make a snowman!”

Anne announces.

Lily and Max cheer with excitement.

„Yay . . . , sledging and building a snowman!” they cheer.

First, they get ready for the cold. Anne helps Lily with her thick jacket.

„Zip up, nice and warm,” she says.

Max struggles with his boots.

„They’re so . . . big!” he laughs.

Anne helps him. „Push your foot in Max. Well done, there we go!”

They put on hats, scarves, and gloves.

Lily’s scarf is so long that it drags in the snow.

„Silly scarf!” She giggles.

Anne helps Lily and ties it up. „Now it’s just right.”

The snow is absolutely perfect.

Lily and Max jump onto the sledge and hold onto each other. „Here we go!”

Anne pulls the sledge with Lily and Max holding on tight. The sledge glides easily over the soft white snow.

„Whee! We love sledging with you, Mom” they shout as they slide down a small hill.

At the bottom, they both tumble off into the snow and get to their feet laughing.

„Let’s make a snowman now!” Max says, excitedly.

They start rolling a big ball of snow for the snowman’s lower body. It’s hard but fun. The snowball soon gets big and heavy.

They roll another snowball on the ground and it’s soon big enough for the snowman’s chest.

‘Look mum, our snowman is going to be huge,’ Lilly tells Anne.

They put the chest onto the lower body and the snowman is immediately big and tall.

They enthusiastically roll a smaller, third ball of snow and place it on top of the other two.

The snowman is now really starting to take shape – a large base, a middle, and a smaller top for the head.

They give the snowman a carrot for a nose, stones for his eyes, and a big stony smile. Lily finds sticks for his arms. Then they use more stones to put buttons on his jacket.

„Our snowman needs a hat and scarf to keep him warm,” Max says kindly.

“You’re right, I’ll get them.” Anne volunteers, and she immediately runs inside and brings back an old hat and scarf. They quickly dress the snowman. He looks funny and happy.


„Now, more sledging?” Anne asks.

„Yes!” Lily and Max shout.

Their Dad, Tom, arrives home from work and joins them for a while.

They sledge down hills laughing. Then they race each other on the sledge. Anne is fast, but Lily and Max are faster.

Soon, the sun starts to set.

„Time for hot cocoa!” Anne says.

They go home and Anne makes hot cocoa. It’s warm and sweet.

„We had so much fun today, Mom,” Lily says happily.

„I loved sledging and the snowman!” Max adds with a grin.

Anne smiles contentedly. „Winter days are the best with you two,” she tells them.

They sit by the fire, drinking their cocoa. They are all tired but very happy.

Mamy nadzieję, że ta historia się Wam podobała 🙂 Planujemy dodawać je regularnie, więc subskrybujcie nasz kanał. Będziemy też wdzięczne za Waszą opinię!


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